Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that takes place three-dimensionally in real time. It allows us to see the real world along with virtual objects added to it, such as sounds, images, voices, animation, etc. AR changes the world in which we are, allowing us to see virtual objects as if they were there, right in front of us.

Augmented Reality brings virtual world features to the real world. These are integrated as a part of our real world, thus creating an integration perception – (immersive interaction experiences).

Augmented Reality can be used in a whole range of areas. Specifically in Education it is used to add visual information to a school book increasing the information elements contained in the book through sounds and dynamic information display. This is an added value to the students motivation in the learning process.

Augmented Reality can be viewed using a smartphone or a tablet, as well as special glasses. Using these glasses, it is possible to view and interact with a virtual object as if it was part of the environment we live in.