Contributing to Angola excellence

We offer a wide range of works for professional and human development!

With a special focus on didactic and school content.

What we do? How we do it?

Create tools for Angolan students success;

We give voice to the Angolan authors by publishing their works;

We are attentive to the needs of the book market;

We analyze the changes in the school programs;

We follow the innovations of the market.


Our commitment to quality is equal to our ambition and our respect for authors and readers.

  • Innovation – attentive to new trends and technologies.

  • School textbooks – priority to contents and methodologies.

  • Professional team – from design to execution and printing.


Contribute to the economic, social and human development of Angola and Angolans.

Thinking about the future by creating the present.

Develop works and tools that:

  • help to understand Angola and the World;
  • help you understand the problems and define solutions;
  • help students achieve better school outcomes.

It is also our commitment to give voice to the Angolan authors, facilitating the dissemination of their works.

  • We are and will be attentive to the literary needs of Angola.
  • We create and keep on creating books and tools that fit the reality of the country.
  • We give and keep on giving preference to national authors.

Our values ​are based on our responsibility to the society, customers, suppliers and employees:

  • Quality and continuous improvement of products and service;
  • Trust, respect and integrity;
  • Belief, humility and ethics;
  • Respect for life, people and the environment.